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Perhaps there is more to life than what we thinks exists

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Elementals is a story. It is not a statement nor it is a documentary. It is a story about people throw in to a situation not of their making or perhaps they only believe it is not of their making.

Elementals is a story set in chaos. It is about the people trying to make sense of this chaos. Some try to question the ways of the universe, others simply try to live their lives. None are normal; normal is a standard which all people deviate from in some way.

Elementals is a story about choices and fate. It is one of action and adventure. The past and the future. About hatred and love.

There is magick, there is science, there is technology. There are elves and men and those who should not be considered either, but are. And of course the dragon, no one should forget the dragon, though most do and some never will.

There are those who are more than they seem. There are those who are less. And there are those you will simply surprise you.

There is violence, despair, blood, death, and destruction. There is also hope, peace, joy, and love.

And there are secrets, many secrets. Secrets that should be told. Secrets that should never see the light of day.

And fear. One can never forget fear.

Most of all Elementals is a story about change.

Change into what? To find out, you must read.