Liz (daidreamer5) wrote in elementalstory,


After reading the first few scenes I wrote thus far, I decided that it would be a good idea to write a disclaimer....


This story contains, violent, strong language, and explicit sexual

situations. Also:

1. This is a fictional story, but then this is obvious considering that

you don't walk outside and see elves going about their business everyday.

2. This story probably mocks and/or destroys any belief system in

existence. If you don't like it don't read. Also, the views expressed in

this story are not one's I live by. I just find them interesting. And I DO

NOT WORSHIP SATAN or any other demonic creature either!

3. Any characters that resemble you or your friends is purely

coincidence, unless you are one of my friend and to them I say this: "I

have enough crap on you to make your life a living hell, so don't bitch

too much when the character that is roughly based on you gets killed off,

raped, or doesn't sleep with the hot elf chick. Sorry. It's nothing

personal, really.

4. No cute kittens or any other animals were not harmed in the making of

this story. However, it's a good thing brain cells aren't protected by

any such law.

5. Sex and Drugs are bad. I do neither. However, I leave you with this

thought: imagine how fucked up the story would be if I WERE on drugs...

Sleep well. :)

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